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Maplewood Healthcare

Maplewood Healthcare, LLC, is leading the trend in medical office and healthcare real estate development to create integrated professional spaces for health systems, hospitals, medical groups, and academic medical facilities. With six properties in Connecticut, we have constructed opportunities for healthcare professionals to radiate from the nexus of local hospitals into the communities of Fairfield County, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

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Long Term Solutions

The healthcare industry is an ever-changing landscape. Maplewood Healthcare strives to provide medical professionals with purposeful and flexible space to establish their presence and distinguish themselves in the communities they service. Our standout properties offer superior locations near to local hospitals, Senior Care communities, and medical resources. With our deep experience in Senior Care and our knowledge of the spaces in which healthcare may best be delivered, we offer medical office space that allows your practice or service to grow and thrive.

Beautiful Form. Seamless Functionality.

Maplewood properties follow two aesthetic visions. Our newly erected buildings embrace modern form with a sleek synthesis of glass and cool stainless steel set among beautiful natural landscaping. Our other properties exude the strong integrity of Colonial design, with classic use of rich natural materials. All properties share impeccable attention to detail, dedication to high-end finishes, and advantageous locations central to high concentrations of potential patients.

Connect to Patients & Professionals

Medical services are branching out from the traditional locus of the hospital and medical campus, creating a need for adaptable medical office space convenient to the greater community and other medical professionals. Maplewood Healthcare offers prime locations visible to and easily accessed by a dense residential community with a growing senior living population, situated near to neighborhood hospitals and medical facilities in Fairfield County and adjacent areas.

To learn more about availability within one of our six strikingly efficient and ideally located properties, contact Maplewood Healthcare, LLC, today.

Standout Spaces for Medical Professionals